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Schedule 1. – List Of Customer Equipment Under Baps

Note: Unless otherwise stated below, the latest published versions of the following Standards listed in Schedule 1, 2 & 3 shall apply. This list is not exhaustive; it gives a general guide of what standards are required in PNG.


Type Approval examination is not required for equipment in this list. EMR, EMC and Safety Standards are for guidance purpose.

      # Type of Equipment Applicable Standard Title. Standard Reference No.
1 Telephone (Standard/Multi- Feature/Image/Data/switching) i. Human exposure to radio frequency fields from hand-held and body mounted wireless communication devices. Human models, instrumentation and procedures(EMR) EN 62209-1

IEC 62209-1

ii. Electromagnetic compatibility & Radio spectrum matters, Telecommunication network equipment, Electromagnetic compatibility requirements. (EMC) EN 300 386 v1.4.1

EN 300 386 v1.5.1

EN 300 386 v1.6.1

iii. Telecommunication Technical Standard(Information Technology Equipment)–Safety AS/NZS 60950.1:2011
2 Line interface – Cordless phone As above As above
3 Telephone Ancillary As above As above
4 Auto dialer As above As above
5 Auto Answering/Recording Set As above As above
6 Caller Identification Apparatus As above As above
7 Security Alarm System As above As above
8 Facsimile Transceiver/Fax Modem As above As above
9 Voice Band Modem As above As above
10 EFTPOS/CCAT As above As above
11 Teleprinter/Telex Interface Unit As above As above
12 Digital Leased Circuit Apparatus As above As above