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Schedule 2. – List Of Controlled Customer Equipment Under Baps

Note: Unless otherwise stated below, the latest published versions of the following Standards listed in Schedule 1, 2 & 3 shall apply. This list is not exhaustive; it gives a general guide of what standards are required in PNG.


Type Approval examination is not required for equipment in this list. EMR, EMC and Safety Standards are for guidance purpose.

  # Type of Equipment Applicable Standard Title. Standard Reference No.
ATM UNI Apparatus i. Electromagnetic compatibility & Radio spectrum matters, Telecommunication network equipment, Electromagnetic compatibility requirements (EMC) EN 300 386 v1.4.1

EN 300 386 v1.5.1

EN 300 386 v1.6.1

ii. Human exposure to radio frequency fields from hand-held and body-mounted wireless communication devices. Human models, instrumentation and procedures ( EMR) EN 62209-1, IEC 62209-1(300 MHz-3GHz).

EN 62209-2, IEC 62209-2(30MHz-6GHz).

AS 2772.2

iii. Electromagnetic Compatibility requirement (EMC) EN 300 386 v1.6.1

EN 61000- 6.3

AS/NZS 6100.6.3

AS/NZS CISPR 22:2009.

iv. Information Technology equipment – Safety IEC/EN 60950-1 2001, 1st, 2nd edition
v. Telecommunication Technical Standard (Information Technology Equipment) – Electrical Safety AS/NZS 60950.1:2011
2 Private Automatic Branch Exchange As above As above
3 Key Telephone Systems As above As above
4 Multi Line System As above As above
5 NT1 As above As above
6 Cellular Telephones As above As above
7 Mobile & Fixed Line Network System Components As above As above
8 Least Cost Router As above As above