NICTA Type Approval

12.0 – Approval Process

12.1 NICTA will conduct technical evaluations of the accompanying documents for any equipment proposed for type approval under the ERS and the CCE category. Testing of the device is subject to NICTA’s discretion.

12.2 The following process to fast track approval shall be undertaken if all necessary documentations including existing Type Approval Certificates and Test Reports from recognized international type approval bodies are provided.

(a) Evaluate the NICTA type approval application form which the applicant must complete and pay the necessary fees where it’s required.
(b) Check and verify the existing Type Approval Certificates, Test Reports and Declaration of Conformity (DoC) Certificates for conformance & authentication.
(c) Issue a letter or a certificate accordingly as in sub-sections 12.3 and 12.4 if all regulatory requirements are met.

12.3 A Type Approved Certificate will be issued to an applicant for a specific equipment model when NICTA is satisfied that the equipment complied with technical requirements under the CERS and CCE category.

12.4 A Letter of Acceptance and Confirmation will be issued to the applicant for equipment that complied with technical requirements under the SERS and the unregulated Customer Equipment category.

12.5 The Type Approval for any particular ICT apparatus is granted with an unlimited period of time provided no modifications have been made to the approved ICT apparatus.

12.6 The incoming ICT Equipment which should be listed in the Annexure Listing posted on NICTA Website shall be verified by the customs at the entry Ports. Any device that complied with NICTA technical compliance regulations shall have its documents stamped with the NICTA Regulatory Compliance insignia.

12.7 NICTA shall not be liable for any interference caused to any equipment, injury, loss of life or damages to property whatsoever as a direct or indirect result of the use of any approved equipment.