NICTA Type Approval

15.0 Compliance Label/Marking

15.1 NICTA may accept the compliance labeling mark(s) from the international recognized Type Approval regimes subject to the verification of device documents through the fast track approval process as described in subsection12.2. Examples of labeling marks are; “ACMA C-Tick”, “ACMA RCM”, “EU CE”, etc.

15.2 NICTA Regulatory Compliance Label will be attached to the device or stamped on the type approval certificate or device documents as a mark of regulatory compliance. The label will be as shown in Schedule 10.

15.3 The compliance label shows that the equipment complied with NICTA type approval procedures, relevant standards or specifications and identifies the equipment Supplier.

15.4 The label shall not be used as a mark of quality or in any other way that might give a wrong impression about the status of the product.

15.5 Any person who miss-applies the label may be subject to prosecution for the misuse of a protected symbol.