NICTA Type Approval

19.0 Post Market Activities

19.1 NICTA may perform market surveillance activities from time to time subject to a complaint, a report of interference, visual inspection of products in a retail outlet, inappropriate advertising or a simple random check.

19.2 Suppliers and Dealers shall cooperate in such activities and provide samples and documentation upon request without charge to NICTA. NICTA shall return the samples if they are found to be in compliant with the regulations and guideline.

19.3 NICTA will not assume liability for any damage or loss of such equipment whilst under its custody.

19.4 If the ICT equipment is found to be non-compliant with the NICTA regulations and guideline, the suppliers shall be notified to cease using or selling the ICT apparatus and dispose it at its own expense.

19.5 All parties involved in the import, manufacture and supply of equipment shall ensure that relevant technical standards or specifications are complied with and that accompanying documentation is authentic.