NICTA Type Approval

3.0 Objective

3.0 OBJECTIVE The objectives of the Type Approval Guideline are:

3.1 To streamline and modernize the current Type Approval Guideline in accordance with the NICT Act;

3.2 To facilitate changes from an old regulatory regime to a more open regime where wide range of entities such as Manufacturers, Authorized Importers, Licensed Operators, Private Companies and Individuals may apply for equipment registration and Type Approval;

3.3 To allow appropriate international technical standards to be recognized and used as the basis for the Type Approval process;

3.4 To declare the fee structure for Type Approval applications; and

3.5 To ensure that:

a. only type-approved ICT apparatus is placed, sold or used in the ICT market in PNG;

b. ICT apparatus does not cause damage to or interference with the operation of the ICT Networks;

c. ICT apparatus does not cause harm to the general public or people working with ICT networks;

d. the operating frequencies of all ICT apparatus is in accordance with the Frequency Allocation Plan in PNG;

e. permitted RF power output levels (EIRP) are complied with; and

f. Interoperability with other equipment or networks is possible.

3.6 To facilitate the MOU between PNG Customs and NICTA by providing a list of type approved ICT equipment uploaded on the NICTA website.