NICTA Type Approval

Schedule 1. – List Of Customer Equipment Under Baps


Unless otherwise stated below, the latest published versions of the following Standards listed in Schedule 1, 2 & 3 shall apply. This list is not exhaustive; it gives a general guide of what standards are required in PNG.

Type Approval examination is not required for equipment in this list. EMR, EMC and Safety Standards are for guidance purpose.

1. The broken letter N represents the NICTA (National Information & Communications Technology Authority) as the ICT equipment regulator in PNG.

2. The tick shows that an ICT equipment has passed the NICTA compliance requirements.

3. This sign is the Official NICTA Regulatory Compliance Label.

By placing the NICTA – Tick Mark on your Type Approval Certificate or product, you are
providing a clear indication that it has met the requirements of relevant NICTA regulations and
therefore should be freely used in PNG.